> Ugh.  Is there a way we can insert a wrapper layer without modifying the
> call sites?  I'm thinking of some kind of macro hack, say
> [snip]

Sure. Think we've even done this before (also, prevents developers needing
to remember to use pg_*).

The reason I think it was avoided for select(), in preference for a thread
to invoke the socket op during the signal/APC, was a fear that perhaps the
Windows Sockets internals could get mashed. AFAICS, the discussion Magnus
had with the Microsoft guys (and, from memory, those I've had with Magnus
off-list) suggests this isn't true. If mashing the internals is still a
possibility, then clearly the patch I've submitted might do more harm than

(Magnus, can you confirm?)

If so, I'll submit a patch for select/recv/send over the weekend, which will
also remove the recent fixes for pgstat.


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