>> I don't think it's a good idea in general to redefine something as
>> fundamental as select, send, recv etc from libpq-fe.h (or 
>files included
>> from there).
>Certainly not; the redefinition would have to be in files that are not
>part of the exported API.  However this is not difficult.  
>port.h is not
>included by libpq-fe.h.

I just realised that. I read too many files in parallell and got the
idea that it was included in libpq-fe.h. My mistake, sorry.

Then yes, we probably want to get that thing done for libpq as well.
Though socket operations in APCs arne't exactly common, we know for a
fact that they can give you interesting and incorrect results :-)
Whatever method we choose should probably be applied to the frontend as
well, yes.


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