Tom Lane wrote:
> Claudio Natoli <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > ... However, it just occured to me that
> > we could wrap select() by augmenting the read_mask with an 
> addition socket,
> > that we know will never be touched, and checking this 
> socket on a "valid"
> > return. If this socket is still set, we know we got bitten 
> by the APC/socket
> > interaction bug, and can set errno accordingly.
> What happens if the socket() call fails?  

Then we return in error. Refer to attachment.

> Even if it succeeds, I don't know what the semantics are of selecting on
an un-bound socket ... it
> might perhaps show as error state, for instance.

select doesn't need a socket to be bound to select on it, afaik. In any
case, it isn't necessary under win32, which is what we are discussing.


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