>> The third option is to redefine all these functions into our own, and
>> implement our own emulation layer. This means our own 
>select(), send(),
>> recv() (more? I don't think so). And have these call the 
>native winsock
>> APIs (WSAEventSelect(), WSASend(), WSARecv() etc). These 
>functions are
>> designed to work in an APC environment. 
>Pardon me for not having paid close enough attention, but what versions
>of select() and friends are we relying on now?  Is it really reasonable
>to think that we can do a better job without a large amount of effort?

oh yeah, I should add that these "new-style" functions are very similar
to the original functions in syntax and semantics - they're just changed
to interface with the win32 style of blocking/signalling/waiting.


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