>> Also, what is typical output for a hint?  Can you show one?

> Well, the current status of the infrastructure is that there is no hint;-)

Ah, now I remember why I was waiting to review that stuff: I was expecting
you to come out with a version that actually did some things :-(

What you've got at the moment is a patch that significantly uglifies the
grammar without actually doing anything useful, or even clearly pointing
the way to what else will need to happen before it does do something
useful.  So it's difficult to form any reasoned judgment about whether
we want to commit to following this path or not.

As I said back at the beginning, I'm unconvinced that this path leads
to anything useful --- it seems like an extremely painful way of
accomplishing less than what a simple change to auto-show the command's
syntax summary could do.  To change my mind, you've got to show me some
concrete results of hints that are more useful than "\h <command>" is.

                        regards, tom lane

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