Stephan Szabo wrote:
> > I hate to say it but I don't see these hints as being very helpful.
> I can see them as potentially being useful for people who don't have alot
> of knowledge of SQL or our dialect thereof.  I think some of the ones
> shown may need better wording (for example the ones above basically seem
> to mean go look at the help for create user which is pretty much the same
> as the error on its own, but perhaps with a longer hint, it might be less
> so) but I think it illustrates the point for these kinds of queries.  I'm
> not sure that the HINT strings would be as meaningful in the middle of
> complicated select/update/etc queries, but that would be something to see.
> I'm not sure it's PostgreSQL's responsibility to teach SQL or even really
> to teach our own commands, but if it were possible to do without much of a
> performance, readability or maintenance cost, it'd probably be worth
> doing.  I can't really say much specifically about the patch either way on
> any of those grounds (having not actually looked).

I wonder if we could just do a \h command as a hint.  In some cases, it
might be clearer than printing some text.

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