> I can resubmit a new patch that would provide the needed infrastructure
> AND some hints on some commands as a proof of concept of what can be
> achieved.

I quite agree that you shouldn't do a complete implementation when it's
not clear if we'll accept it or not.  What I'd like to see is a demo,
basically.  How about one example of each of several different kinds
of hints?  We need to get a feeling for what can be accomplished and how
messy the grammar would get.

BTW, it seems like you are putting in a lot of infrastructure to
recreate externally the parse-stack state that bison has internally.
Maybe an interesting alternative would be to look at touching that
state directly.  I realize that bison doesn't consider that part of
their official API, but bison is a stable tool and seems unlikely to
change much in the future.  We could probably get away with it...

                        regards, tom lane

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