Dear Stephan,

> I can see them as potentially being useful for people who don't have alot
> of knowledge of SQL or our dialect thereof.

That is my audience.

> I think some of the ones shown may need better wording [...]

Sure. I'm not the man for writing very clear English sentences.
I may be more fluent in C;-)

> I'm not sure it's PostgreSQL's responsibility to teach SQL or even really
> to teach our own commands,

I don't know about postgreSQL responsability, but I am a teacher using
postgreSQL as a tool for teaching database. I don't need hints, but my
students may find sql a little bit easier to grasp if they have a little
bit more help from the error reports.

I can understand that this is not the main agenda of postgresql, which
is more about new features, better performance and sustained stability.
But it is my agenda as a teacher.

Fabien Coelho - [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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