Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> >
> > I have two open issues.  First, CSV should support WITH OIDS, no?
> >
> Why on earth would you want to? OIDs only have emaning to postgresql.
> Dumping to/from CSVs should not be seen as an alternative to Postgresql's
> normal text or binary file formats. Rather, it is a way of exchanging
> data  with other programs that can't conveniently read or write those
> formats,  but can read/write CSVs. I expect the data to be making a one
> way trip.  OIDs make no sense to those other programs.
> For all those reasons I disallowed use of WITH OIDS for CSV mode.
> If you think that we should have it, it will be simple enough to do. It
> just strikes me as a very odd thing to do.

While doing OIDs seems atypical, it seems like a reasonable thing that
CSV should be able to do.  Basically, I see no reason to disable it.

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