Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> Bruce Momjian said:
> > Tom Lane wrote:
> >> TypeCategory is a crock that should have been done away with long ago.
> >> We need to be working to eliminate it, not expand our dependency on
> >> it.
> >
> > Ah, so do we have any other way to identify the type of field we are
> > using?  Particularly, how do we identify a numeric and dates?
> >
> > If we don't find something, we have to push those decisions to the
> > user, which is kind of strange because deep down we must know this.
> >
> To be honest, I would feel safer with the decision in the hands of users.
> They know their data and needs better than we do. Continuing with the zip
> code example, if the foreign program is another db, the same problem
> should not arise as there is in a spreadsheet, because it should know the
> data type it is importing into, just like we do. Since we don't know what
> the foreign program is, we would be making a "worst case" guess. With user
> choice, we would be quoting in exactly these circumstances:
> . looks like the null string but isn't null
> . contains the quote or delimiter chars
> . isn't null and the user told us to
> I don't think it unduly burdensome. Using the syntax I suggested earlier,
> something like:
> copy mytable to 'mydata.csv' csv force zipcode;
> seems OK to me. I'm all in favor of low-tecH solutions where
> appropriate. ;-)

We could do smart defaults and let folks control it too.  That would

What would FORCE do?  We actually need quote control on output and null
control on input, or am I wrong?  Do we have input OK with the warning

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