Bruce Momjian wrote:

Andrew Dunstan wrote:

Bruce Momjian wrote:

While doing OIDs seems atypical, it seems like a reasonable thing that
CSV should be able to do.  Basically, I see no reason to disable it.

OK. We have bigger fish to fry ;-)

Uh, sorry, what I meant was that we should have it working in this patch. No reason to leave it for later. We have to get this 100% right the first time because people will start relying on it.

Yes. What *I* meant was that allowing it was OK with me, and not worth arguing over.

Incidentally, the patch looks OK at first glance, and seems to work fine, modulo today's little controversies, with this exception:

   if (csv_mode)
       if (!quote)
           quote = "\"";
       if (!escape)
           escape = "\""; /* should be "escape = quote;" */



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