[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Bruce Momjian) wrote in message >   extern void 
canonicalize_path(char *path);
> + #ifndef WIN32
> + #define ISSEP(c)    ((c) == '/')
> + #else
> + #define ISSEP(c)    ((c) == '/' || (c) == '\\')
> + #endif

I've seen references to this "canonicalization" of the Windows \
character for the win32 port. I don't claim to be a programming guru,
but I recently read Jeff Cogswell's C++ for Dummies and he says (p.
546 "Separating a path name") that you can use Unix-style / to
separate directories in your programming and Windows will know what to
do. In other words, you don't need \\ to separate directory names. /
should work just fine.

Perhaps MinGW and the gcc compiler on Windows behaves differently(?)

Then again, perhaps there are other factors that I'm not considering.


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