Bruce Momjian wrote:

Andrew Dunstan wrote:

I must confess I think this scheme is overkill - I can't think
of a use case where one would want a relocatable installation
which would any pattern other than the one we are thinking of
for the windows binary installer. Are we taking flexibility too

This code might be used on Unix too.

I know. I can't think of a Unix situation where you would want anything else either.

If you want it relocatable, I would think that you would want


and then you could just pick up that root and put it somewhere else and it would still work, Windows or Unix, it wouldn't matter, and you wouldn't break anything else. I guess using some other scheme you could pick up the various bits from under, say, /usr and put them in /usr/local, but it strikes me as being very messy and likely to be error prone.

Maybe it's just a failure of my imagination.



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