> > . if the installer is running as Administrator, it should create a 
> > Postgres user
> > IOW, we need to make it as easy as possible to be secure.
> No objection to that idea ...

I don't think we should create a postgres user. We should tell the guy
who installs it to do that, and have him tell us what it is, but we
should not actually go create the user for him. That is sure to annoy a
lot of people. Most shops I know have standard naming conventinos, and
would not want a user called "postgres" without any qualifications.

I know, small point, but I think significant.

The installer-skeleton I have right now permits installation as local
system but recommends a user account. But that's just functionality to
remove, so that's easily done. In the other case, it prompts for
username and password to run as.


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