> > The installer-skeleton I have right now permits 
> installation as local 
> > system but recommends a user account. But that's just 
> functionality to 
> > remove, so that's easily done. In the other case, it prompts for 
> > username and password to run as.
> How would it install on an XP laptop?  If I am logged in as 
> myself and I am listed as a "Computer Administrator", do I 
> need to create another user, and how do I do the install as 
> that other user, and start/stop the server, and stuff like that?

Yes, you need to create another user.
When running as a service, just tell the installer. It should set up
required permissions. Then start the service as normal using the Service
Control Manager.

When running manually, you will have to grant the postgres user the
required permissions on the PGDATA directory. Then you can start the
server using "runas".


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