Magnus Hagander wrote:
> > > . if the installer is running as Administrator, it should create a 
> > > Postgres user
> > 
> > > IOW, we need to make it as easy as possible to be secure.
> > 
> > No objection to that idea ...
> I don't think we should create a postgres user. We should tell the guy
> who installs it to do that, and have him tell us what it is, but we
> should not actually go create the user for him. That is sure to annoy a
> lot of people. Most shops I know have standard naming conventinos, and
> would not want a user called "postgres" without any qualifications.
> I know, small point, but I think significant.
> The installer-skeleton I have right now permits installation as local
> system but recommends a user account. But that's just functionality to
> remove, so that's easily done. In the other case, it prompts for
> username and password to run as.

How would it install on an XP laptop?  If I am logged in as myself and
I am listed as a "Computer Administrator", do I need to create another
user, and how do I do the install as that other user, and start/stop the
server, and stuff like that?

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