> I have added this to CVS under src/timezone and have 
> integrated this into configure.

Hi all,

looks like I am trying to hit a fast moving target, but here is a patch for
the changes I needed in order to get HEAD to build under win32/mingw after
these recent timezone lib changes.

I'm not sure how to enable USE_PGTZ, so for now I'm simply adding it to
CPPFLAGS in Makefile.global after configuring. 

Presumably this'll be added to configure.in in due course. Alternatively, if
it is decided to have this lib available on all platforms, perhaps there
will be a configure option, in which case the provided patch would need to
reference some new flag, as opposed to "ifeq ($(PORTNAME), win32)".

Two other comments:

 * timezone/private.h looks like it should be picking up its constants in
another way (ie. had to comment out HAVE_SYMLINK). Looks like we'll need to
spend some time in this file if we want it platform independent.

 * pgwin32_TZDIR has the same hack as dfmgr.c:substitute_libpath_macro.
Please note that a "generalised" win32 solution to this was rejected in a
previous thread
(http://archives.postgresql.org/pgsql-patches/2004-03/msg00365.php), as it
was viewed as both restrictive (having to maintain a fixed PostgreSQL
subdirectory structure, which IMHO is not an onerous restriction for win32;
if anything it is expected by win32 users, and could simplify our installer)
and it was also suggested that a platform independent solution would be
preferable. However, to date I have seen no other solutions or suggestions.
As it is, we currently have the worst of both worlds, in that we have two
places in the code to maintain this kludge, a few more places that need it
before we can go beta, *and* it requires a fixed subdirectory structure.
Unless someone has any better ideas, I'm going to suggest resurrecting this


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