>  * timezone/private.h looks like it should be picking up its 
> constants in another way (ie. had to comment out 
> HAVE_SYMLINK). Looks like we'll need to spend some time in 
> this file if we want it platform independent.

Yes, that's the place that the tz lib stores these things. Though in
that case they set it in Makefiles, and private.h basically sets

>  * pgwin32_TZDIR has the same hack as 
> dfmgr.c:substitute_libpath_macro.
> Please note that a "generalised" win32 solution to this was 
> rejected in a previous thread 
> (http://archives.postgresql.org/pgsql-patches/2004-03/msg00365
> .php), as it was viewed as both restrictive (having to 
> maintain a fixed PostgreSQL subdirectory structure, which 
> IMHO is not an onerous restriction for win32; if anything it 
> is expected by win32 users, and could simplify our installer) 
> and it was also suggested that a platform independent 
> solution would be preferable. However, to date I have seen no 
> other solutions or suggestions.

Yes, I went with this solution simply because it was there already. Once
there is agreement on how to do it in the other places, this one should
be fixed with the same code.


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