I fixed the problem with ZIC compile needing libpgport, and the symlink

I am confused why you are linking the timezone library into pg_dump and
pg_controldata.  Is that required?


Claudio Natoli wrote:
> > I have added this to CVS under src/timezone and have 
> > integrated this into configure.
> Hi all,
> looks like I am trying to hit a fast moving target, but here is a patch for
> the changes I needed in order to get HEAD to build under win32/mingw after
> these recent timezone lib changes.
> I'm not sure how to enable USE_PGTZ, so for now I'm simply adding it to
> CPPFLAGS in Makefile.global after configuring. 
> Presumably this'll be added to configure.in in due course. Alternatively, if
> it is decided to have this lib available on all platforms, perhaps there
> will be a configure option, in which case the provided patch would need to
> reference some new flag, as opposed to "ifeq ($(PORTNAME), win32)".
> Two other comments:
>  * timezone/private.h looks like it should be picking up its constants in
> another way (ie. had to comment out HAVE_SYMLINK). Looks like we'll need to
> spend some time in this file if we want it platform independent.
>  * pgwin32_TZDIR has the same hack as dfmgr.c:substitute_libpath_macro.
> Please note that a "generalised" win32 solution to this was rejected in a
> previous thread
> (http://archives.postgresql.org/pgsql-patches/2004-03/msg00365.php), as it
> was viewed as both restrictive (having to maintain a fixed PostgreSQL
> subdirectory structure, which IMHO is not an onerous restriction for win32;
> if anything it is expected by win32 users, and could simplify our installer)
> and it was also suggested that a platform independent solution would be
> preferable. However, to date I have seen no other solutions or suggestions.
> As it is, we currently have the worst of both worlds, in that we have two
> places in the code to maintain this kludge, a few more places that need it
> before we can go beta, *and* it requires a fixed subdirectory structure.
> Unless someone has any better ideas, I'm going to suggest resurrecting this
> patch...
> Cheers,
> Claudio
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