On Sat, 2004-05-29 at 02:45, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> Matthew T. O'Connor wrote:
> > The only reason I put it in src/bin is because I thought people
> > wanted pg_autovacuum to still be a runable stand alone app.
> I see no reason for that.  If it's integrated as a postmaster child, 
> then it is run in a daemon-like mode automatically.

I don't really see a strong reason to keep it runable as a standalone
except that I thought that was what was decided in previous discussion
on hackers.  

Unfortunately, I can't find the thread anywhere on
archives.postgresql.org, when I search for "pg_autovacuum" it doesn't
return any hits more recent than Jan 2004, and I know there have been a
few pg_autovacuum related discussions since then so it seems like
something is broken.

> > But, I
> > guess there is nothing preventing it from being a runable stand alone
> > app located in src/backend/postmaster.
> Yes, there are a lot of things.  You didn't understand what Tom was 
> saying.  We were expecting the autovacuum daemon to be integrated as a 
> postmaster child, not a separate program.

I did understand Tom, but based on the hacker discussion I think the
"postmaster integration" will consist of the postmaster launching and
killing the pg_autovacuum standalone executable as required.  In that
sense, I don't think it matters if pg_autovacuum is located in src/bin
or src/backend/postmaster.

Is this form of integration something people would object to? If so, I
can fold it into the backend such that pg_autovacuum can no longer be
run from the command line.

Comments anyone?

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