On Sat, 2004-05-29 at 11:04, Tom Lane wrote:
> Peter Eisentraut <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > It is supposed to be linked into the postmaster and forked from there.
> In the current state of pg_autovacuum it wouldn't matter a lot, but
> I am assuming that we will soon migrate it to depend on being part of
> the postmaster environment.  For instance, it ought to be configured
> from GUC, which will mean it has to receive SIGHUP from the postmaster.
> In an only slightly longer timeframe, it will probably want access to
> shared memory so it can look at stats maintained in the FSM.  These
> attributes would make it quite inappropriate for autovacuum to live in
> src/bin.


> BTW, Matthew, I am currently working on promoting the bgwriter into a
> more full-fledged postmaster child.  If you can wait a day or so you
> should have a decent model to work from.  I'll try to commit as soon
> as a working skeleton is in place.

I can wait, but I am really trying not to miss the feature freeze which
AFAIK, is still happening in a few days.  Is that changing?  Will I have
time if I wait a few days? Especially given that my backend hacking
skill leave much to be desired.

My main priority is that I want pg_autovacuum to move ahead and I don't
want to miss 7.5.



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