On Sat, 2004-05-29 at 02:15, Tom Lane wrote:
> "Matthew T. O'Connor" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > As outlined in my email, step 1 is to move pg_autovacuum from contrib to
> > src/bin.  Attached is a patch that modifies src/bin/Makefile and the
> > pg_autovacuum Makefile which will be in src/bin/pg_autovacuum/Makefile
> > once the pg_autovacuum directory is moved.
> Um, you didn't actually attach the patch ... but in any case this is not
> the direction I would have expected.  An integrated autovacuum daemon
> would certainly not live in src/bin.  It would be a module within the
> postgres executable, most likely living within src/backend/postmaster
> since that seems to be where we're putting integrated postmaster children.
> (To clarify: that's where the pgstat daemon is now, and that's where I'm
> about to put the bgwriter daemon, so if anyone thinks this is clearly
> the wrong place then now would be a good time to mention it...)

The only reason I put it in src/bin is because I thought people wanted
pg_autovacuum to still be a runable stand alone app.  But, I guess there
is nothing preventing it from being a runable stand alone app located in

Ok, I will move it (again) and send another patch.

Thanks for the feedback.  


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