Sorry I didn't get back on this earlier, yesterday morning my internet access was literally struck by lightning, I'm running temporary hardware now.

Bruce Momjian wrote:

Looks good to me. The only issue I saw was that the default file name
mentioned in postgresql.conf doesn't match the actual default.

I'll fix the default filename difference, postgresql.log seems best. I'll add doc too.

One idea would be to send a message to stderr when this option is used
stating that everything is going to 'filename'.

I can ereport LogFileOpen and LogFileClose, do we need this? Currently, only open problems will be reported.

Also can we close/reopen the file on SIGHUP. My guess is we can't
because of all the backends accessing the output file.

I'd also like it flushed in pg_logfile and pg_logfile_length, same problem; any hints welcome.


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