Tom Lane wrote:
> Andreas Pflug <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > The attached patch has the default filename issue fixed, and 
> > documentation. Since I don't have a doc build system functional, there 
> > might be tag mismatches or other typos; please check. IMHO this should 
> > be committed without waiting for log rotation stuff.
> This has got portability issues (fopen("ab")) and I don't care for its
> use of malloc in preference to palloc either.  Also, pg_logfile() will
> dump core if LogFileName returns null.
> The bigger issue though is whether this is useful at all, if you cannot
> solve the file rotation issue (and I don't think you can).  As
> implemented, the secondary log file cannot be truncated without
> restarting the postmaster.  I think that reduces it from a possibly
> useful feature to a useless toy.  (The fact that pg_logfile_length
> returns int and not something wider is pretty silly in this connection.)
> My vote is not to apply until and unless something that can rotate the
> logfile is demonstrated ...

Agreed.  Lets see where it goes.

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