This is a really ugly hack (I take the blame since I gave Bruce the idea). There are a few things to note:

. the .bat file should probably be created in the data dir - that's about the only place that we should be guaranteed we can write.
. the command should be preceded by '@' to suppress echoing
. the whole command, including redirections should go inside the .bat file, so that pg_ctl just issues 'start /b foo.bat'

There are still things to clean up in pg_ctl, e.g. its handling of relative paths to the data dir.



Bruce Momjian wrote:

This applied patch changes the way pg_ctl starts on Win32.

Using START, it is not possible to quote the executable name, who's
directory might have spaces:

        START /B /program files/x.exe

The fix is to create a temporary batch file in C:\ containing:

        /program files/x.exe

and run START with the batch name:

        START /B C:\PG_CTL_323223.BAT

then unlink the batch file.

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