On Tue, 2004-06-15 at 21:04, Tom Lane wrote:
> Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Just to confirm that Simon is not suffering this uniquely, I saw this 
> > the other day on Windows, I believe - meant to report it but it got away 
> > from me.
> Oh, I bet I know what's going on --- are you guys launching the
> postmaster in a console window and then typing ^C to shut it down?
> Depending on your shell that might result in SIGINT being delivered
> not only to the postmaster but to all its children.  Backends, if
> any, will take that as a query-cancel while the bgwriter will take
> it as a checkpoint request.  Which could easily result in the
> too-frequent-checkpoints message.
> The only real fix I can see for this is to use some other signal than
> SIGINT to transmit checkpoint requests to the bgwriter.  Maybe we could
> piggyback all bgwriter requests onto SIGUSR2, comparable to the way that
> signals up to the postmaster are now handled.  Not sure how important
> it is though.

Sounds like the cause to me...that would explain why it has just started

Its minor then... I would only do that for testing...

Regards, Simon

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