Magnus Hagander wrote:
> >The only part of this discussion that I'd really be prepared 
> >to buy into
> >is the part about *if* you use -W or --pwfile, then set up pg_hba.conf
> >with MD5 as the default auth (because that's probably what the user
> >wants anyway).  But otherwise I think we should leave initdb's behavior
> >alone.  I do not agree with trying to force people to use passwords.
> Ok. Here is a patch that does this. I still think there should be a
> warning when trust is set, but I'm clearly not convincing enough about
> this.

I think there should be a warning.  The warning will not be 100%
effective, but I see no reason _not_ to give a warning.  This is an
ease-of-user issues which are usuaully not 100% but can be very helpful.

> Might still be worth adding "--ident" as a parameter anyway, but in that
> case only to help the distros that need it. Or not, because they already
> have a way to deal with it. 

I think --ident would be very helpful, and we know with OS's support
ident too.  Actually looking at the code, we need some way to define
this so initdb would know if ident was a reasonable value for this OS:

            errmsg("Ident authentication is not supported on local connections on this 

Right now it is burried down inside a bunch of define tests.

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