Magnus Hagander wrote:
> > not to mention the
> >more basic problem that the comments will now be wrong.
> That, however, it is correct :-( Sloppy.
> How about a text along the line of:
> CAUTION: Configuring the system for "trust" authentication allows any
> local user to connect using any PostgreSQL user name, including the
> superuser, over either Unix domain sockets or TCP/IP. If you are on
> a multiple-user machine, this is probably not good. Change it to use
> something other than "trust" authentication.
> Or something along that line? Since it would no longer actually be
> default. Or do we want something like "On some installations, the
> default is..."?

Woh, I didn't think we agreed that the default would change from
'trust', only that we would now emit a warning and allow other
authentication methods to be specified at initdb time.

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