Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Magnus Hagander wrote:
>> Might still be worth adding "--ident" as a parameter anyway, but in that
>> case only to help the distros that need it. Or not, because they already
>> have a way to deal with it. 

> I think --ident would be very helpful, and we know with OS's support
> ident too.

If we're going to be doing sed-like substitutions on pg_hba.conf.sample,
then we really really wanna discourage distros from hacking the sample
file directly, because that could break the sed results.  So I think
it's important to provide the switch.

I was toying with the notion of a different editing mechanism though,
so that initdb could emit a pg_hba.conf containing comments that are
actually pertinent to the selected behavior.  One simple way would be to
prefix each line with a keyword to select when to emit it:
        ALWAYS this text is always emitted
        NEVER  this text is never emitted (a meta-comment)
        TRUST  this text is emitted if we're selecting TRUST mode
        IDENT  this text is emitted if we're selecting IDENT mode

                        regards, tom lane

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