Magnus Hagander wrote:

> Super-minor nitpicking from just eyeing over the patch, not actually
> checking how it works.

Reviewing the own code the most obvious things are overlooked.

> This patch changes the error message for pg_signal_backend() to "only
> superuser may access generic file functions".
> I'm sure that was not intended.. You probably need to pass a parameter
> to requireSuperuser() about what should go in the err msg.

Yes, seems I was a bit overenthusiastic...

> Also, I think you forgot to attach syslogger.h.

Indeed, attached is include/postmaster/syslogger.h

 * syslogger.h
 *	  Exports from postmaster/syslogger.c.
 * Portions Copyright (c) 2004, PostgreSQL Global Development Group
 * $PostgreSQL: $
#ifndef _SYSLOGGER_H
#define _SYSLOGGER_H

#include "pgtime.h"

/* GUC options */
extern int		Log_RotationAge;
extern int		Log_RotationSize;
extern char *   Log_directory;

int SysLogger_Start(void);
void SysLoggerMain(int argc, char *argv[]);

extern bool LogFileRotate(void);

#endif   /* _SYSLOGGER_H */
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