Bruce Momjian wrote:
Peter Eisentraut wrote:

Bruce Momjian wrote:

Peter Eisentraut wrote:

Andreas Pflug wrote:

How should the prefix be named? pgsql_ ?

Make the file names configurable.

He has code to interpret the file names as timestamps that can be used in queries. If we allowed full user control over the file name, he couldn't do that.

I can't see this working. As you know, there are constantly people who want to install and configure PostgreSQL in the weirdest ways. If we tell everybody, you log files must be named like this, it will start all over again.

Maybe it would be better if the time stamps of the files are used as time stamps in queries.

Imagine an older logfile was edited with lets say emacs, which will rename the old and create a new file. Or after log_directory was changed, the files from the old location are copied to the new location. This would garble the log_dir_ls output badly.

The logfilename currently also includes the postmaster's pid, there's no file metadata that could take this information safely.

Apparently it's best to invent a log_file_prefix = 'pgsql_' guc variable.

In fact one idea would be to add new stat() columns for
creation/mod/access file times to the directory listing command.

Actually, a preliminary version of pg_dir_ls did also return some stat data. I removed this, in favor of functions like pg_file_length.

SELECT fn, pg_file_length(fn)
  FROM pg_dir_ls('/etc', true) AS fn
 WHERE fn like '/etc/p%'

I certainly could supply a record-returning pg_dir_ls
(fn text, fullfn text, len int8, ctime timestamp, atime timestamp, mtime timestamp)

Regards, Andreas

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