Bruce Momjian wrote:
Andreas Pflug wrote:

Very nice. You did a nice trick of reading the log filenames into a timestamp field:

        count = sscanf(de->d_name, "%04d-%02d-%02d_%02d%02d%02d_%05d.log", &yea$

You only process files that match that pattern for pg_logfiles_ls()
(perhaps this should be pg_logdir_ls for consistency).


And you can then
process the timestamp field in queries.  Good idea.  What happens if a
filename matches the above pattern but isn't a valid timestamp?  Does
the function fail?

Right now, BuildTupleFromCString will fail for invalid timestamps.

I'm going to change that to pgsql's internal function (strptime seems a bad idea though).

My only question is whether we need to allow a custom prefix for the log filenames so they can be distinguished from other file names in a user-supplied log directory, like /var/log, or would they always go into a separate directory under there. I think a prefix would be nice.

How should the prefix be named? pgsql_ ?

Of course this needs docs but I assume you are waiting to see it applied first.

Not necessarily, but I'd like names etc. fixed before.


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