Andreas Pflug wrote:
> Before the thread concentrates too much on a decent default value, I'm 
> posting a fresh version of the patch, for some more discussion. Current 
> default for pg_logfile_prefix is 'postgresql-', may the committers 
> decide which name is The Perfect One.
> All previous suggestions have been included, (nb: abstimein is not 
> usable, because it ereports(ERROR) on failure; we want to skip wrong 
> files gracefully, so I'm using ParseDateTime and DecodeDateTime instead).
> I'd still need feedback on pg_dir_ls: should it merely return a setof 
> text, or should I enrich it to a record returning all stat data? After 
> spending another thought on it, I believe the more sql-like approach is 
> to deliver a full-featured record which is selected for the desired 
> data, not adding columns with functions.

OK, new idea.  Forget about modifying pg_dir_ls().  Instead add
pg_file_stat the returns the file size, times.  You can then easily use
that for file size and times.  Also, if you want, add an is_dir boolean
so people can write functions that walk the directory tree.

I noticed we had a big logging discussion during 7.4 beta about logging
and log rotation.  This patch is clearly superior to the ideas we had at
that time.

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