Andreas Pflug wrote:
> Bruce Momjian wrote:
> > Andreas Pflug wrote:
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > OK, new idea.  Forget about modifying pg_dir_ls().  Instead add
> > pg_file_stat the returns the file size, times.  You can then easily use
> > that for file size and times.  Also, if you want, add an is_dir boolean
> > so people can write functions that walk the directory tree.
> I now replaced pg_logfile_length, instead pg_logfile_stat(text) will 
> return a record (len int8, ctime timestamp, atime timestamp, mtime 
> timestamp, isdir bool).

You mean pg_file_stat(text), right?  That's what I see in your code.

> For convenience, I'd like to have the function
> CREATE FUNCTION pg_file_length(text) RETURNS int8
> AS
> $BODY$
> SELECT len
>    FROM pg_file_stat($1) AS stat
>       (len int8, ctime timestamp,
>       atime timestamp, mtime timestamp, isdir bool)
> Where is the right place to put it?

Take a look at obj_description in include/catalog/pg_proc.h.  That
should be a good example.

> Also, I wonder how to join pg_file_stat and pg_dir_ls to get a ls -l 
> like listing. Apparently I can't do that, unless I don't code pg_dir_ls 
> as returning records too, right?

Ideally you want:

        select filename, pg_file_stat(filename)
        from pg_dir_ls()

or something like that.  However, I don't think you can have a function
call returning multiple values in the target list, and I can't figure
out how to pass an argument to the function if it is in the target list.

> > I noticed we had a big logging discussion during 7.4 beta about logging
> > and log rotation.  This patch is clearly superior to the ideas we had at
> > that time.
> > 
> Currently, the discussion circles around file functions, not logging. If 
> you think that part is clean, how about committing it separately so it 
> can be tested/used (no problem if pg_logfile_rotate() isn't available 
> right from the start). I'll supply docs RSN.

Is pg_logfile_rotate() not working?  You mean pg_file_length().

Seems we should get this stat() idea working first.  Adjusting catalog
entries once they are in CVS means a catalog bump for every catalog

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