>> * Just two files to add - both go in src/port. (Moved  the icon there
>> per discussion on IM with Bruce)
>Can you post the rationale?  It seem an odd place for it.

We might want to link it into other binaries in the future, therefor it
should not go under psql/.
It's platform specific, therefor it should go in port/.

>But it still holds that we
>a) should not put binary files in our CVS

Why exactly is this? I asked before, and the only response I ever got
(off-list) was that we actually could...

>b) cannot put binary files without source in our CVS

See (a).

>We can import the original format (or some variant) and create 
>the icon 
>at build time.  This would also be better for other distributors.

The source is in .ai format, and there is manual work to convert it into
a good quality .ico, from what I read on the authors page. AFAIK, .ai is
also binary, and it's hard to put a person in a Makefile.

Is it the concept of non-sourcecode, or is it the fact that it's
actually binary that is the issue? E.g. will it help if we for example
uuencoded it and then just uudecode:ed it in a build rule?


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