>> It's platform specific, therefor it should go in port/.
>The criterion for port/ is not whether something is 
>It's whether it's a module that helps porting source code.  Which this 
>is not.  Maybe we should add a new directory that contains icons and 
>other random auxiliary files such as .desktop files for Linux desktops.

Sure, that works for me. It's a simple path change in
Makefile.global.in. So whatever works for you guys.

>> Is it the concept of non-sourcecode, or is it the fact that it's
>> actually binary that is the issue? E.g. will it help if we for
>> example uuencoded it and then just uudecode:ed it in a build rule?
>The problem isn't so much binary files vs. CVS, although that is an 
>annoyance to take into account.  The issue is that we need to have the 
>source code for all files that we distribute, where source code is the 
>preferred form for modification.  This is a legal issue, a 
>philosophical issue, and a practical issue.  If you say the icon is 
>created by hand, then that's OK, although up to now I've created all 
>icons programmatically from, say, a PNG or SVG source.

Well, what I did was, as I wrote in my original mail, download it from
http://pgsql.gavinroy.com/art/. AFAIK the "original source" of it is a
.ai file, though. 
I'll have to ask Gavin about how the file was actually created, it if
twas done manually or through an automatable process. Gavin - hopefully
you can say something on how it's done? Thanks.


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