Magnus Hagander wrote:
> It's platform specific, therefor it should go in port/.

The criterion for port/ is not whether something is platform-specific.  
It's whether it's a module that helps porting source code.  Which this 
is not.  Maybe we should add a new directory that contains icons and 
other random auxiliary files such as .desktop files for Linux desktops.

> Is it the concept of non-sourcecode, or is it the fact that it's
> actually binary that is the issue? E.g. will it help if we for
> example uuencoded it and then just uudecode:ed it in a build rule?

The problem isn't so much binary files vs. CVS, although that is an 
annoyance to take into account.  The issue is that we need to have the 
source code for all files that we distribute, where source code is the 
preferred form for modification.  This is a legal issue, a 
philosophical issue, and a practical issue.  If you say the icon is 
created by hand, then that's OK, although up to now I've created all 
icons programmatically from, say, a PNG or SVG source.

Peter Eisentraut

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