[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Czuczy Gergely) writes:
> pkg-config is a standardized way to check for a package's libs and cflags.

Standardized by whom?  It seems like a fairly dubious idea to me, since
it can't support multiple installations on one machine.  I see no such
directory as /usr/lib/pkgconfig/ on my own machines anyway.

> The place of this .pc (Pkg-Config) file is at /usr/lib/pkgconfig/,
> but with the patch it can be altered with --with-pkgconfig-dir.

[ blink ] Doesn't that immediately defeat the claimed purpose?  If you
don't know where to look for the .pc file then you are back with the
same complaint you lodge against pg_config.

What would seem saner to me is a switch that determines whether to
install it or not, period.  The "not" case is required for non-root

Since I haven't heard anyone else asking for pkgconfig support, I'm
inclined to say we should put the whole idea on the shelf until there's
more evidence that it's worth something.

                        regards, tom lane

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