The patch is intended for 8.0.0 or later, and was generated and tested with 
the cvs trunk as of 26-Aug-2004.

On Friday August 27 2004 11:50, Ed L. wrote:
> Attached is a patch which replaces the 'log_filename_prefix'
> configuration directive with a similar 'log_filename' directive.  It
> differs from the former in the following ways:
>       + allows embedded strftime() escapes ala Apache's rotatelogs;
>       + eliminates hard-coded embedding of the postmaster pid;
>       + makes the current hard-coded timestamp configurable;
>       + changes the default log filename to exclude the PID;
> This patch enables us to continue using our existing log-handling
> utilities and filenaming conventions which we now use with Apache's
> rotatelogs.

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