On Monday August 30 2004 10:56, Tom Lane wrote:
> "Ed L." <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> >
> > Attached is a revised patch:
> Applied with minor revisions.
> > I did not add UTC offset logic nor logic to shift to top of the
> > hour/day for rotation periods of 60/1440 minutes, but would like to add
> > that shortly if time permits.
> I did the latter but not the former -- ie, rotation target times are
> rounded off, but rounded with respect to GMT not local time.  I didn't
> see an obviously correct behavior of round-to-local-time across DST
> transitions ...

One idea for handling the round-to-localtime issue from the other end of the 
problem:  optionally rotate logs upon an *interpolated* filename change.  
Then, 'server_log.%a' would cause a rotation when strftime() thinks it's 
midnight local, 'server_log.%H' would rotate at the top of the hour, etc.  
Possibly a half-baked idea.

I also noticed pg_tm.tm_gmtoff is apparently not set, at least not for my 
local (US MT).


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