On Monday September 20 2004 4:43, Ed L. wrote:
> This patch rotates logs on local time boundaries instead of UTC
> boundaries, e.g., midnight local for daily rotation instead of midnight
> UTC.  It does so by parsing the "%z" result from strftime().
> ...  I am arguing for
> inclusion of this patch because 1) the utility of local time boundary
> rotations exceeds the risk for us, and because 2) the risk can be
> mitigated by a comment in the documentation and maybe postgresql.conf,
> and because 3) I think the issue already exists and this doesn't make it
> worse.

And I'd add that working with UTC-oriented rotations in 8.0.0 beta code has 
already proved annoying and needlessly confusing, thus the patch.  Daily 
log rotations occur at 18:00 here.


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