On Friday August 27 2004 1:15, Tom Lane wrote:
> "Ed L." <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > On Friday August 27 2004 1:03, Tom Lane wrote:
> >> Hmm ... there isn't any way to emulate that with strftime escapes,
> >> unless I missed the right one.
> >
> > If you supply an escape, Apache will override that default epoch.  So I
> > could see setting the default to "server_log" or "postgresql_log" or
> > whatever, and making the default (with no escapes supplied) be the
> > epoch. That would be easy tweak, and be much closer to Apache style.
> Yeah, and it would also prevent a risk I now see with your initial
> patch: if no %, it'll write the same filename each time, which
> is almost certainly not desired.  Works for me.

I think this turns out to be no big deal either way here as it is for Apache 
either way.  Consider if I set my rotation time to 1 hour and my 
log_filename = 'server_log.%a' (server_log.Fri).  Then each of the first 22 
rotations for the day will simply reopen and append to the same file.  
IIRC, Apache's rotatelogs works the same way.  In both cases, you just have 
to be careful to coordinate your filename and rotation time/size limits to 
get the desired effect.


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