Dear Peter,

> > (2) "make light-install" does not install pgxs and server dev stuff.
> >      this is the previous version of "make install".
> If we do that, we should remove install-all-headers.  It's very confusing
> otherwise.
> >      This target maybe of interest of packagers.
> This I don't understand.

I meant: "This target may be of interest for packagers", sorry for my poor
English writing and typing skills.

This is to take into account Tom's view that distributions are often split
with a separate "dev" package for developpements. For instance under
Debian there are: postgresql, postgresql-client, postgresql-dev,
postgresql-doc... So this target would help checking what files belong to
what part of such split installation for the package maintainer. I guess
that could possibly help administrators that would like to install a
small-footprint database.

Now, if everyone agree that having a distinct installation for server
headers and other stuff is useless, then indeed we can just keep the
install target and drop "install-all-headers" altogether, I agree with
you. That would indeed simplify the patch and the various makefiles,
and be less confusing.

If there is a consensus, I can remove both "light-install" and "install
-all-headers" targets in another submission.

Have a nice day,

Fabien Coelho - [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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