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> Subject: Re: [PATCHES] Tsearch2 update for Win32. 
> While I have no particular objection to adjusting the 
> tsearch2 script, why has the installer got a problem with it? 
>  Seems like this suggests a bug in win32 psql.  

The installer runs contrib module scripts without using psql - it
executes them in a 'custom action' - code that is added to the
installation package in this case as a dll. Adding copy support for one
contrib module is a headache I'd prefer to avoid :-)

> (I'm not sure 
> why the installer would even be executing this script anyway ...)

It's a point and click (drool?) installer - it installs pg along with
pgAdmin and interfaces such as JDBC, Npgsql and psqlODBC, creates the
service user account, initdb's, installs any PLs and contrib modules the
user has selected. The user doesn't need to use psql at all if he
doesn't wish - which is exactly what most SQL Server/Windows users are
used to; no command line tools.

Regards, Dave.

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