>>Attached patch makes initdb generate the config files with windows
>>linebreaks when running on windows. This makes it a lot easier for the
>>user to edit the configuration files, since any win32 plaintext editor
>>can be used (such as notepad for example).
>>If this is acceptable, and the method is ok, please apply for beta4 so
>>we can add some nice icons to the win32 installer :-)
>Assuming this works, the far simpler change would (or should) 
>be to open 
>the file with "w" rather than PG_BINARY_W in all cases.

That does seem to work, yes. I thought there was some magic reason we
were using PG_BINARY_W and not "w".. Assuming there isn't, attached
patch is certainly cleaner.

>I don't know what Windows editors other than Notepad don't understand 
>line feeds properly - Wordpad at least does, as well as every editor I 
>actually use on Windows.

I've seen a couple, though I can't recall right now which they were.
Wordpad can play some nasty tricks on you with copy/paste, and
semi-formatted texts, though. 
I don't use notepad much myself either, since there are plenty of good
editors out there. But notepad is the one that's going to be on *every*
windows system...


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