It is my opinion that we should allow pg to run as Admin on Windows, at least with an override option. Services that run under a specified user are a headache
on Win32, because you need to store a password, and a lot of systems only have one user.

Well I don't know that I agree with this. Probably the biggest
problem with Windows is not Windows, it is lazy admins.

You either want to do it right, or you don't. Most Windows admins
just want it to work as quickly as possible, throwing caution and
and common sense to the wind.

And no, I am not a Windows hater, I am just someone who used to
make a lot of money fixing the mistakes of all those lazy admins.


Joshua D. Drake

I have attached a patch that I think fixes this. The problem I saw and fixed is, that the shmem created in a terminal services client is not visible to the console (or services.msc).

The decision is simple. If we want the shmem to be global on the machine we need the patch. I think we want that, but can not give an authoritative answer.

I think in addition the system global name "sharemem.1" should be made more pg specific, like "PostgreSQL.1". I have not done this since a new compile would not detect a running old beta. But now would be the time (or never).

I think all agreed that this is good.


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