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In the windows service world, is there any reason pg_autovacuum should ever give up? The reason I had it give up was so that it didn't accidently run against a different postgresql instance. I don't think that will happen in the windows service world. I think it should keep trying to do it's job until it's told to exit.

A "never giving up" pg_autovacuum seems a little bit rude to me. It's like the salesman who keeps trying to sell me something I have clearly no use.

Especially if in setting up og_autovacuum sth. goes wrong: wrong user, wrong password. Service keeps running, service keeps using ressources, seems perfectly normal... but: nothing happens. (and if everything looks "perfect", checking the logs is not the first you do, do you?)

So: I think a reasonable compromise is to keep pg_autovacuum trying for some time (maybe 5 minutes as Tom recommended) and after that give up.


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