I find this tiny (9-line) patch useful to help my clients know when FSM settings may need updating.

Some of the more frequently asked questions here are in regards to FSM
settings. One hint I've seen is to run "vacuum verbose;". At the end of thousands of lines of INFO and DETAIL messages vacuum verbose has 2
separate lines with some numbers to compare ("total pages needed" and "FSM size...pages") that help indicate too low fsm settings.

I've gotten into the habit of always installing the following patch (below) that automatically does this comparison for me, and if max_fsm_pages is too small, it logs a warning as shown here:

 patched=# vacuum;
 WARNING:  max_fsm_pages(1601) is smaller than total pages needed(2832)

I think this patch is great. I can never figure out how to set those settings easily.


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