On Thu, 24 Feb 2005, Tom Lane wrote:
> I'd go for making them both LOG, I think.  More consistent.

Ok, here's another try :)  With a couple more questions...

  1. If I read Simon's email correctly, it implied that he wanted to see
     the "free space map" message for a VACUUM even when VERBOSE is turned off. 
     I could just tweak it in PrintFreeSpaceMapStastics() as shown here...
     but now elevel (which depended on VACUUM VERBOSE or not) is no longer
     needed by PrintFreeSpaceMapStastics.   
     1a. Is that desired to always show this line as an INFO instead of
         a DEBUG2 (which it currently is when VERBOSE is not selected)?
     1b. Should I tweak vacuum.c (feels cleaner) or just freespace.c (minimal

  2. If I read Simon's email correctly, it implied that he wanted to see
     these new lines when you type VACUUM.  This would suggest making
     them INFOs. Making them INFOs would slightly contradict another 
     goal of wanting to see them in the LOG for automated log
     grepping scripts to find, since that would require turning on INFOs
     that I think commonly aren't logged.   Also making them LOGs is
     consistent with the checkpoint hint.   I suppose they could be
     made NOTICEs; but that isn't consistent with either.

diff -u postgresql-8.0.1/src/backend/storage/freespace/freespace.c 
--- postgresql-8.0.1/src/backend/storage/freespace/freespace.c    2004-12-31 
14:00:54.000000000 -0800
+++ postgresql-patched/src/backend/storage/freespace/freespace.c    2005-02-24 
14:54:36.619566040 -0800
@@ -705,12 +705,25 @@
     /* Convert stats to actual number of page slots needed */
     needed = (sumRequests + numRels) * CHUNKPAGES;
-    ereport(elevel,
+    ereport(INFO,
             (errmsg("free space map: %d relations, %d pages stored; %.0f total 
pages needed",
                     numRels, storedPages, needed),
              errdetail("Allocated FSM size: %d relations + %d pages = %.0f kB 
shared memory.",
                        MaxFSMRelations, MaxFSMPages,
                        (double) FreeSpaceShmemSize() / 1024.0)));
+    if (numRels == MaxFSMRelations)
+        ereport(LOG,
+            (errmsg("max_fsm_relations(%d) is equal than the number of 
relations vacuum checked (%d)",
+             MaxFSMRelations, numRels),
+             errhint("You probably have more than %d relations. You should 
increase max_fsm_relations. Pages needed for max_fsm_pages may have been 
underestimated. ",numRels)));
+    else
+    if (needed > MaxFSMPages)
+        ereport(LOG,
+            (errmsg("max_fsm_pages(%d) is smaller than the actual number of 
page slots needed(%.0f)",
+             MaxFSMPages, needed),
+             errhint("You may want to increase max_fsm_pages to be larger than 

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