""Magnus Hagander"" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes
> Looking at this patch reminds me of another discussion we had:
> Signals sent by the postmaster *before the signaling code is running in
> the child* has to be handled.
> This is handled in the curernt code by creating the pipe in the
> postmaster and then inheriting it. You'll need something similar in this
> one - create the stuff in the postmaster and inherit it down. (this is
> the initial_signal_pipe and pgwin32_create_signal_listener(), which you
> removed)
> Sorry, forgot to bring this up earlier because I had completely forgot
> it. You'll find some details if you search the archives, I beleive.

Is this thread:

It is my fault to ignore this - I just *simply* removed those lines ... I
will look into the problem and come up with a patch.


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